Online video is the ultimate portable media.
It explains who you are and what you do and improves your presence online

How it works

  1. Getting ready

  2. Shoot video

  3. Review & approval

  4. Put it everywhere

We will work with you to develop a video concept that will appeal to your target audience. Then you’ll receive an easy-to-understand guide and a simple checklist to prepare for the production.

After you have worked with our producers on a concept, you will receive a production guideline that will include information to help us prepare for the shoot. The guide will describe options you may want to use in the video such as voiceover, narration, music, graphics, existing footage, props, photographs, special effects, animation and sound bites (short testimonials from the business owner, key employees or customers). Working together with your company, we will organize and schedule locations for the shoot.

Our professional production crews will direct, light, shoot and record audio on location, then prepare high quality HD video files for our editors.

We provide you with a private link where you can stream the edit of your video for review. After you request changes and approve the final cut of your video, you’ll receive a video file or embedded code for your web site-or any other desired platform.

We will optimize your video with the right tags and keywords to distribute it across the web, increasing your visibility on SERPs (Search Engine return Pages) like Google, Youtube and Vimeo. With the PromoWeb player, your video will be easily shared by email and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Metacafe and Myspace).

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